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Mind Your Language – It Affects You
by Dr. Patrick Chenoweth

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Language Albuquerque NM Health AffectsRecently walking through a supermarket, I overheard a middle-aged man say “My son gave me this stupid cold and I feel horrible” as he rubbed his eyes and sniffled through his words. Unfortunately a totally common occurrence!

When we are “sick”, we naturally want to complain and list all our symptoms.  As a loving doctor and friend, I have sympathy and compassion.  However, I also have a duty to teach you what symptoms really are and how to better understand them and why they occur. Ultimately, by understanding how your body works you can better understand how to achieve the best of health.

Fundamentals of Language

Fundamentally, the language you use can do one of two things: it can either sabotage your health or build new levels of health. The language you use does not always serve you.

When you have body signals or symptoms of a cold, the flu or even back pain, they can all make you feel tired, grumpy and frustrated. However, the most important thing is not to sabotage your health and healing processes even more by choosing certain words or language that adds strength and conviction to your minds focus and energy of the pain or discomfort.

For example: “I feel like ….!”, “I feel horrible”, “I am sick”, “I’m tired”, “I am not well”, “I hate feeling like this.”

While this may seem true for you in the moment, what are you actually telling yourself? By continuing to remind your brain and overall physiology about how bad you are feeling, you are doing even more harm by driving more negative mental impulses from your brain into your body. Does that make sense? The good news is true too, reminding your brain and overall physiology about how great your body is functioning, you are affirming and driving more positive mental impulses from your brain into your body about how well you are doing. This, in turn, has a positive effect on pain, healing and recovery.

Create A Health Expression

A better way to refer to a healing process is as a “health expression.” For example: “My body is having a health expression right now.  “My body is adapting.”, “My temperature is protecting me by killing off the virus so it doesn’t harm me”, “My body is aching because it is trying to heal”, “My body is working efficiently to overcome everything it needs to”, “I have everything I need to work through this health challenge”.

Be mindful, your children and those around you will start “picking up” on your language.  Children will repeat what you say word for word and if the language is left as a long term saying it will develop or become learned behavior through repetition and environment.  Adults around you that are negative will attract to this negative language while more positive adults may may physically begin to repel or move away from you in this current state.

What Do You Want to Create?

The question is: what language and state of mind do you want to instill into those around you?

There is a saying “Your thoughts become you”.  We can make this even more practical by saying “Your words become you”.  Be careful what you say because it will become your reality!
Your will body always attempts to heal. Instead of seeing your body as failing you, honor your wonderful healing intelligence, starting with your words. Words have power.   So as your body is healing either from an injury or an illness simply say “It is healing” which positively reinforces your understanding that the body heals itself.

Ready to Help!

Suffering with an injury, or pain such as back pain, sciatica, or neck pain that is physically debilitating and emotionally exhausting?

If so help is near!  Our team is ready to help you heal faster in a safe positive healing environment.

Watch Out Healing Optimally Could Be Contagious!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Patrick Chenoweth

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