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Pain Management

Pain’s purpose is good. It is the symptom, not source, of things gone wrong in the human body. Without it, we could not seek proper treatment for the illnesses or injuries we experience. Pain helps us maintain health and minimize injury, but can sometimes occur long after its purpose has been served. Maybe you have experienced broken bones from an accident that occurred years ago, but are still haunted by reoccurring pain. Ongoing pain experienced in the body is referred to as Chronic Pain. Ongoing pain can be debilitating, preventing you from enjoying the activities of your daily life.

Causes of Chronic Pain

The primary causes of chronic pain are improperly healed injuries, long-term diseases and nervous system injuries. Whatever the case, ongoing pain is caused by some sort of unresolved healing. The goal of chiropractic pain management is to locate unresolved pain sources and provide resolution to them as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic Pain Management

All chiropractic visits provide spinal adjustment treatment because pain messages take place primarily between the brain and nerve receptors in the spine. Pain is often caused by dysfunction in muscles and joints caused by injury to either the muscles/joints themselves or to their nerves Chiropractic services are especially effective in restoring functionality to muscles and joints and in treating nervous system injuries.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is effective in relieving chronic pain and utilizes deep pressure massage techniques to bring relief to symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis and pain caused by injuries. Massage therapy also improves circulation and mobility. It speeds up recovery time in order to bring you a pain free life as soon as possible. The massage therapists at Lifetime Chiropractic have experience in medical massage and their specialized skills are specifically useful in pain management.

Triggerpoint Injections

Triggerpoint injections help relax knotted muscle groups in the body and are an effective method of chronic pain relief for those suffering from pain caused by muscle tightness.

Albuquerque and Rio Rancho’s Most Effective Pain Management

Whether you are suffering from debilitating chronic pain caused by an auto accident or sports injury, Lifetime Chiropractic can help. Our practitioners have served the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area for over 20 years, providing the most professional, effective pain management therapies. We provide acupuncture, massage therapy, laser therapy and chiropractic physical therapy services that seek to not only eliminate pain, but prevent it.

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